You grew up being told that you can have it all. Now, you are finding that having it all means doing it all, and you're exhausted. Between work, the kids, and caring for your aging parent, you can't help but feel as though you are spread thinner than the sandwich meat at your favorite deli counter. The worst part is that your aging parent's changing health needs have you feeling as though you need to be two places at once. But as everybody knows, when the stress adds up, you just keep going. Fortunately, you can flip the tables and add a little sweetness to your day by using these tips to streamline your caregiving duties.

Stop the Caregiver Guilt

The first step toward feeling better is to ditch the guilt. You are doing everything you can to juggle multiple responsibilities in the air, and you are quite adept at finding a solution to every problem. One of the biggest concerns as a working caregiver is that your aging parent could be injured or just get lonely while you are away from home. Avoid feeling guilty by arranging for senior home care that allows your loved one to connect with a compassionate professional who can also look out for their safety.

Delegate Your Responsibilities

Sadly, no matter how many things you clear off your work agenda, you know that you still have piles of chores waiting when you get home. Your parent tries to help, but just having one extra person in the home adds to your laundry and the dishes piling up in the sink. When you set up home care, arrange for housekeepers to come to your house to help keep things organized. Coming home to those menial chores being done frees up time for you to spend on bonding with your family.

Put Meaningful Moments Back on the Schedule

Spending time with your family should not feel like dessert. Instead, it should be the main entrée that takes priority in your day. With a heart set free from guilt and more time available in your schedule, plan enjoyable events with your loved ones. Whether you head out for a Sunday picnic in the park or giggle over a comedy during a living-room movie night, making beautiful memories will sweeten your caregiving deal.

When life just starts to feel sour, you know that all it takes is a little creative thinking to turn your basket of lemons into lemonade. Relying upon the help of others is sometimes a necessary way to increase you life happiness. By accepting help when and where you need it in your day, you can successfully keep all those balls flying in the air so that you truly can have it all.

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