If you are employed at a factory and your workshift rotates regularly, you may have been encountered situations in which you didn't have a childcare provider available to watch your toddler during the hours that you were scheduled to work. It is difficult to rely solely upon family and friends when your work schedule conflicts with their own schedules. Choosing to bring your child to a facility that is open 24 hours per day is a viable option. Use these tips to help you choose a daycare and prepare for last minute drop offs:

Tour Facilities And Assess Safety 

Call daycare centers that are open around the clock and make an appointment to tour each one or drop by unannounced so that you are provided with a clear picture of what occurs inside of each center at various times of the day or night. During each tour, assess safety features, including a keypad that parents or guardians use to access the premises, gates that are secured around areas where children play or rest, and fire extinguishers or smoke detectors.

Inquire About Food, Drinks, And Bedding

When visiting each center, ask the directors about food and beverages that are served and any items that you would need to drop off with your child. If your child has allergies, ask the directors about the measures that are taken to ensure that dietary guidelines are followed. If you will be dropping your child off at a late hour, find out if there is an area inside of each daycare where your child will be able to sleep and acquire a list of bedding items that you will need to bring to the centers. 

Pack A Bag That Can Be Used For Daycare

After scoping out the inside of each center and gaining insight concerning the way that each business operates, decide upon one center to use in case of emergencies. Pack a bag that contains clothing, bedding, food, beverages, and any medication that your preschooler currently takes. Write down a list of emergency contact numbers, including a way to get in touch with you immediately.

If you encounter a situation that requires childcare and you do not have anyone available to watch your child, you will not have to rush around to find items that are needed at the daycare. Instead, you can quickly pick up the bag and get your child ready to leave prior to heading to the center. 

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